The General College Examination Regulations

All students are expected to obey all examination rules and regulation as stipulated on each programmed curriculum. However it is mandatory for each student to adhere the following regulation for every assessment (CA tests, CA practical/oral and SE)

Acceptable dressing code

Allowed examination tools

Complete college and examination fees payments

Complete qualified

Failure in the Examination

Failure in the examination may lead into repeating a year or permanent discontinuation for the studies

All students are advised to focus on their studies and their grades

For penalties following students examinations failure and appealing process refer students curriculum

Other Academic Obligations /Performance

Except in exceptional circumstances, no students will be allowed to change subject or course later than the fourth weeks after the beginning of the first semester. transferring with academic program  to another will be allowed when the student has be required admission criteria for the academic program for which transfer is being sought and vacancy exist in that program.


Students discontinue on academic ground for one course my be allowed to apply to another course provided that he/she meet the admission requirement and the sponsor approves

Every student admitted to KCHS college is considered to have been committed to a particular programs of the study for the full duration of that specific program. However, for the genuine reason students may with draw from study by writing a letter to the Deputy principal academic through the faculty or school dean and a copy of the same to his or her sponsor and the depute principal administration and finance.


Students entering in this college as transfer cases can transfer grades obtain elsewhere: provided that the former college is recognized by NACTE& MHCDGEC.


No students will be allowed to postpone studies after effectiveness commencement of an academic year except under special circumstances permission for postponement has to be accompanied by a written approved sought from the sponsor

Special circumstances shall include sickness, Serious social problems(each case to be considered on its own merit) and Severe sponsorship problem


          Instructions to Candidates

i.          These instruction should be real together with the above colleges regulations

Candidate should make sure that they have been insured with examination number before examination being

ii.         Candidate must acquaint themselves with the setting arrangements for their respective examination in advance.

iii        Candidate are advised to be at the examinations centre at least fifteen minutes before the commencement of the examinations

iv.        Candidate will be admitted by the invigilator to the examination papers shall be issued after all the candidate are seated in the examination room

They must no been witting until they are told to do so by senior invigilator. Where large number of candidates are affective, invigilator may admit candidates to the examination room fifteen in advance.

 During the first ten minutes invigilator will:

Ø  Make an announcement to the effect that all unauthorized materials should be removed from examination room;

Ø  Make an announcement to effect that candidate should be satisfy themselves that they are in possession of correct paper

Ø  Call attention to any rubic at the eged of the paper, which seems to require attention;

Ø  Announce that both sides of the paper must be used. He/she will then tell students when they me began writing. Candidates will be given five minutes to read the paper

v.     Candidates are permitted to do rough work on their left hand part of the script and they have to make sure that this is crossed through at the end of the examination.

vi.    No books, badges, or attach cases may be taken by the candidate into the room. Candidates are not normally allowed to use their own logarithmic table(candidate attention is specifically drown to general college) examination regulation No.1.5.8 (i-iii)

   vii.    Once a student is found with authorized material He/she sign on the material to confirm they are his or hers

viii.     No candidate will be allowed to enter into the examination after the lapse of thirty minutes from the commencement of the examination and no candidate will be permitted to leave the examination room until thirty minutes have expired.

ix.       At the end of the examination period and on the invigilator candidates must stop writing and assemble their scripts which they should personnel hand to the invigilator unless instructed otherwise. Candidates must remain seated till the invigilator tell them to leave the room. Apart from the examination room questions paper, candidates are not allowed to take any examination material out of the examination room

x.         Mobile phone computers, word processing electronic device and anything of that nature is prohibited the examination room

Notes to Invigilators

General Procedure during Examinations

                           i.          Internal examiners (or their deputies) are required to attend in the examination room at the commencement of each period to assist invigilator and to collect the script. Instructions which the examiner (or their deputies) may wish to be given should announce by the Invigilator.

                         ii.          Cases of illness should be reported to the examination officer as soon as possible

                       iii.          Invigilator shall  has the power to confiscate any authorized book, manuscript or other  aid brought into the examination room and to expel from the examination room any candidates who creates a disturbance. They shall report to the examination officer any case of candidate suspected of giving or obtaining unauthorized assistance or of attempting to do so and that offers shall have to have power to take any further steps he /she may consider necessary. He/she shall report the matter to the DVC-ARC.

                       iv.          Examination officer include the examination officer’s deputies.